Lesson Sixteen: eyk

Kaltxì! Long time no post. This time I'd like to talk about how to say someone makes someone do something.

In English, we have to use two words to get this idea across: make and the verb. For example:

The man makes his son eat the food.

In Na'vi, there is just a little thing — <eyk> — that you put inside the verb. The above example sentence would work like this:

Tutanìl sneyä 'itanur yeykom syuveti.

Notice the endings; this is key: -l makes -r do -t . — a little rhyme I just make up about the endings used when <eyk> is used in a verb that can be enacted upon something. Also note that <eyk> can also be interpreted as the verb cause . Here are some more examples:

Eytukanìl Neytiriru yerikit teykaron.
Eytukan makes Neytiri hunt hexapede.

Oel tseyke'a ngaru poti
I cause you to see her.

Pol veyke'kì oeru oeyä tsmukanti
She causes me to hate my brother

All the above verbs have things that are acted upon, like yerik, her, and my brother. But what about those times you make someone/something do something but they aren't acting upon anything? Maybe something like this:

Wind makes me fall.

That works like this:

Zeykup oeti hufwel.

This time, -l makes -t do . Here are some examples:

Fula nga zaya'u oeti lrrtok seyki!
this thing which is you will come makes me smile!

Sa'nokìl oeti keykä.
Mother makes me go.

Palulukanìl oeti txopu seyki
Thanators cause me to do fear. (Thanator scare me)

Hopefully, this has been helpful. Feel free to ask questions and/or post more of these sentences in the comments below. Kiyevame.

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