Lesson Fifteen: Numbers


So if you are a fan of AVATAR, you would have noticed that the Na'vi have four-finger hands. (Three fingers and a thumb..)

Because of this, the Na'vi, when counting on hands, only get to eight, and then have to start again. That's the basic idea, or reason behind why groups of eight, and not ten, like most humans (who have five-finger hands).

How to count in Na'vi:

In digits:

°1, °2, °3, °4, °5, °6, °7, °10.

°11, °12, °13, °14, °15, °16, °17, °20.

Note: Using a degree sign means you are using the Na’vi number system which is based on eights. Using no degree sign means you are using the skypeople number system which is based on tens.

In English:

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

eight and one, eight and two, eight and three, eight and four, eight and five, eight and six, eight and seven, two eights.

That is basically how to count all the fingers on both hands then all the toes on both feet of a Na'vi. To continue, it just follows the pattern.

In digits:

°21, °22, °23, °24, °25, °26, °27, °30.

°31, °32, °33, °34, °35, °36, °37, °40.

°41, °42, °43, °44, °45, °46, °47, °50.

°51, °52, °53, °54, °55, °56, °57, °60.

°61, °62, °63, °64, °65, °66, °67, °70.

°71, °72, °73, °74, °75, °76, °77, °100.

in English:

two eights and one, two eights and two, two eights and three, two eights and four, two eights and five, two eights and six, two eights and seven, three eights.

three eights and one, three eights and two, three eights and three, three eights and four, three eights and five, three eights and six, three eights and seven, four eights.

four eights and one, four eights and two, four eights and three, four eights and four, four eights and five, four eights and six, four eights and seven, five eights.

five eights and one, five eights and two, five eights and three, five eights and four, five eights and five, five eights and six, five eights and seven, six eights.

six eights and one, six eights and two, six eights and three, six eights and four, six eights and five, six eights and six, six eights and seven, seven eights.

seven eights and one, seven eights and two, seven eights and three, seven eights and four, seven eights and five, seven eights and six, seven eights and seven, sixty-four.

It's a whole lot easier to convert Na'vi numbers into English than it is to convert English numbers into Na'vi.

To translate a Na'vi number, such as mevomrr, it can be translated literally then multiplied and added up. Mevomrr is two eights and five. 2 × 8 + 5 → 16 + 5 = 21. So mevomrr, two eights and five is Twenty-one (two tens and one).

Personally, I think it's still just as useful to know how many groups of eight something is, such as two eights and five. I can imagine that just as well as imagining two tens and one. So translating it further to groups of ten is just a tedious extra step in my opinion. But not everyone can think in groups of eights because they are so used to groups of ten. So doing this may be helpful for some people, even if time-consuming. I think it's just so much easier to learn to think in groups of eight, like the Na'vi.

To translate an English number, such as twenty-one into Na'vi, it has to be converted into groups of eight and such first, then translated pretty much literally. Twenty-one is two tens and one. if you divide it into groups of eight, you get 21 ÷ 8 = 2 remainder 5. So twenty-one is two eights and five. Translating that to Na’vi is mevomrr.

You probobly won't need to use numbers higher than zam (sixty-four), or even mevol (two eights), but if you do, you can play around with the number tool on the main Learn Na'vi website. It shows you how the numbers are made, with a little maths and colours.

So now we know how to count and about the pattern of the numbers. How do we use the numbers? Like this:

Tse'a oel nantangit apxevosìng.
I see three-eights-and-four viperwolves.

Tutel atsìng yamom mevosìnga teylut.
Four people ate two-eights-and-four teylu.

The above can be written with digits like this:

Tse'a oel nantangit a34°.
I see three-eights-and-four viperwolves.

Tutel a4 yamom °24a teylut.
Four people ate two-eights-and-four teylu.


  • Numbers are used like adjectives.
  • When you use a number, me+, pxe+, ay+ prefixes are not used; the singular is used instead.
  • The digit degree sign is usually put on the opposite side of the a

And that's pretty much it with numbers.

Hopefully, this has been helpful in understanding and using Na'vi numbers. Hayalovay.

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